Novel Tashnagi E Jaan By Farwa Khalid Episode 1 & 45 - ZNZ Novel Tashnagi E Jaan By Farwa Khalid Episode 1 & 45 - ZNZ

Novel Tashnagi E Jaan By Farwa Khalid Episode 1 & 45 - ZNZ


Tashnagi E Jaan By Farwa Khalid Episode 1 & 45 - ZNZ

تشنگیِ جاں از فرواخالد

"In his life he is only himself. There is no girl. And no one thinks there will ever be a girl. He prefers to stay away from this creature. We heard. There was once a girl was seen at their farm house.. But we know that it was nothing more than a rumor spread by enemies. Arshyan brother and the girl. This sounds very funny. They have a hard time with love and marriage.

As Shahnoor was listening to him. His heart started beating with joy. But Shahnoor's face was drenched in sweat after hearing Hamna's last words.

"Perhaps all of us..."

Shahnoor spoke slowly.

When his eyes went to Arshyan standing in front of him. He was seen sitting with Yakub Niazi and talking.

His sharp facial features, broad chest and strong stature made his personality more terrifying.

Shahnoor was stunned for a few moments. My heart was not filled with seeing him.

Today, for the first time, he was in front of her like this for such a long time.

"But I think that a girl will definitely come in Arshyan Bhai's life. Who will make him crazy. With whom he will fall in love. He is very passionate in everything he does. ... They are very fanatical.. Those who work with all their heart.

Palusha also smiled and said.

While on his words, Shahnoor felt his heart beating faster. From some corner of the heart, this prayer came out strongly that I wish that girl was the same.

This person became crazy.

But she had never been so lucky in her life till today. That's why the hopelessness was high.

How could a person like Arshyan Khan Niazi love her?

He disliked her very much.

Sharafat had also told that he liked strong girls. Baswarti girls fainting and crying over things like Shahnoor were very unpleasant to him.

After this, Shahnoor was 100% sure that she was not Arshian Khan Niazi's choice at all.

Shahnoor was standing there when her eyes fell on Mirab. She quickly moved towards him.


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